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                 Rod Siino Writes


Welcome, thanks for stopping by. This website is where you can come to enjoy some short stories (click "Stories" on the right nav bar over there --->do it! and then take 10 minutes to read story). What you'll see there are stories already published. Adding more as more get accepted. You can also see what's coming up "Events"; check out some other cool sites "Links"; say hello and let me know you care "Contact"; and finally read a short story of sorts about my dad, Fred Siino, who died in January of 2013. He was a good guy, my dad, and this "Tribute" is my small way of making sure he's not lost in the ether.

About me: I am a co-founder and former Editor of the late great literary magazine Night Train. I grew up in Rhode Island and now live in Massachusetts. When I'm not writing or earning a living to support the writing addiction, I spend as much time as possible with my amazing twins, a boy and a girl, who keep me young and most of the time very happy. Life throws a lot at you, good and challenging -- they're keepers.

Meanwhile, I completed my first short story collection, Divorce and Other Arrangements, for which I may one day find a publisher. My work has appeared most recently in Bull, Chagrin River Review, Ginosko, and Fried Chicken and Coffee. Less recently my work appeared in Inkwell, The Providence Journal, and Zoetrope All-Story Extra, among others.

Thank you, again, for stopping by.